Welcome to Therapy is Cool

Therapy Is Cool is an awareness campaign to reduce stigma around therapy and raise awareness to Gen-Y + Gen-X, and make self exploration cool once and for all.

The first of its kind organization that is dedicated to changing the face of therapy, teaching prevention tools to maintain a healthy and happy mind, body and spirit.

Therapy is Cool awareness campaign is about spreading the word on a healthier lifestyle to those who are in need as well those who are curious. During the therapy is cool awareness campaign expect to have 3 days of expanding your lexicon on mental health which includes nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Individuals of any age can learn and gain more knowledge on mental health wellness, therapy and overall improving one’s way of life.

Therapy is Cool is a virtual awareness campaign for all people, specifically the new generation of leaders, who share the same goal of helping themselves, their loved ones, and their community at large. This magnificent campaign is to be held October 4th – 6th 2011. It is an all virtual campaign which allows everyone from anywhere to access it online. Our hub, TherapyIsCool.org, is where you will find a wide range of services included but not limited to educational information, resources, opportunities to chat with leading excepts (in the fields of mind, body and spirit). These dedicated experts will provide insight and tools on how to achieve happier and healthier lifestyles. In addition, our hub is a place to meet others, share information and get educated about wellness and health.

Mission To spread knowledge about mental health and wellness for Generation X and Y. To share prevention tools to get our healing game on and inspire as many people as we can to make our well being mind, body, and spirit our priority.

Some of the highlights include:
~A dozen plus experts dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles

~Information dedicated to mental health, types of therapy, mind, body and spirit, latest trends, and alternative health-wellness

~Resources that will keep you in the know when it comes to living healthy

~Personal stories / editorial pieces… the latest ways to stay emotionally, psychologically and spiritually fit

~Free meditations, contest, and giveaways